Monday, May 17, 2010

Art Festival Report #2

No photos! My booth looks the same as what I posted from last year. The weather cooperated and it was nice for a change. Crowds were good. But the folks seems more intent on spending their money on fatty food, than "art". Although, I did fine. At least on the inexpensive and fun carvings for the kids. I'll post some photos of these later. But now it's time for the "soapbox". Sorry but I cannot help myself.

What is happening to us, as a nation? I'm talking fat. Not merely heavy as one ages, but fat. And fat from the "get-go". Way, way, way too many FAT young parents pushing strollers with fat babies. Way too many fat young teenage girls parading around with their fat bellies hanging (and I mean hanging) out. More like waddling. I couldn't help but feel sorry for them. Destined to be that way forever. Never being able to look into a mirror and seeing themselves as a healthy, sexy woman. I don't mean just a few. I am sure there were just as many (maybe more) obese teenagers as thinner ones. And not just the girls, the boys are getting huge too. Also saw many obese middle aged folks on scooters (mobility devices), because they were either too heavy to walk around or the health affects from fat had immobilized them.

As with any outdoor festival, the food vendors were plentiful. But unlike the art vendors, many of the food vendors ran out of deep fried food, and had to replenish several times during the weekend.

We discussed this with a doctor that stopped to chat. He shed some more light on the subject. He said if you're poor(er), you can hardly afford to eat healthy. Full fat hot dogs under $1.00 a package, compared to fat free at over $4.00. Healthy whole grain bread at over $2.00 a loaf compared to to more unhealthy bread at under $1.00. And on, and on, and on.

I'm off my soapbox now. In to the kitchen for a donut.


Hal in Seattle said...

Glad to hear the show went well. Sounds like they should have 2 shows one for Food and the Other for the Arts! I agree there alot of people over weight out there young & old.They say though the portions (resturants & fastfood)we get now compared to say 10-15 years ago are 50% larger, which doesn't help

Hal in Seattle said...

I forgot to ask how did the Noahs Arks do , sell any??