Monday, May 17, 2010

Arts Festival - #1

The Arts Festival was a good one. The weather cooperated. finally. Large crowds. Lots of family's and lots of kids. I made expenses in the first morning, and from then on it was just fun, fun, fun. I did sell one Noah's Ark, got one commission, and and an inquiry about photos for a magazine. When I say I had fun, it's because all I need to do is make expenses. The top seller was to kids. The "Popsicle stick switchblade". These were a surprise seller. Of course the price of $3.00 was a major factor. I took a bucket full of them. The kids liked them, and one older fellow bought five to take to the office. Some ones going to be in trouble. I spent a lot of time sitting and whittling, the little 1/4 inch wizards and small totum poles to give out to interested kids.

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