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Monday, May 10, 2010

Moms Day Aftermath!

I probably never will really comprehend the awesome responsibility that a mother has. But what really is the ultimate mystery to me is how so many mothers manage to be so involved in so many things, and do them all so well. I some times whine (well more than sometimes) about how I can't seem to get everything done. And each mothers day I think back on all the things that mothers always get done. So, there is just really no excuse for me not to have made a quilt lately.


Sandy said...

I'll be looking at your gnome website. Please add the excapades of the Flower Girls, they are very cute and so honest, like my 2 year old granddaughter.
Your carvings are very nice but you sound like my mom, (who is a fantastic artist) she always seems amazed that other people think her paintings should be in a art show.
Have a great day, I enjoy your blog.

Holee said...

You told me that WE would exchange a quilt when you thought you were ready..a mini maybe, so I am counting on this to happen after I get settled in...right??

I have been working on my carving..didn't say anything about it cause I want to get better at it, but I've got some pieces made, none perfect, but I'm getting better. I did cut myself a few times :(, nothing that needed stitches though!

So I'm thinking you will be working on a mini soon?? right lol

Tom H said...


A deals a deal! Maybe I can use this opportunity to get back to my Featherweight. Lets see, after this weekend, I'll start collecting some ideas..

Tom H

Tracy said...

what we need here is a little challenge....i'll post something later. i'm havin motivational issues too!