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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Show Time"

Those wood carvers who enjoy participating in the carving shows, arts festivals and exhibits know that the season has started. I've already participated in one wood carving show, this season. The Johnny Appleseed Show in Mansfield Ohio. This was a good show, in all; and for me too. I have three more major shows, Delaware Arts Festival, Dayton wood carving Show, and Christmas Fair, Columbus Ohio. These are all fun shows, but require lots of prep. By prep, I mean carving and whittling. I need to have at least three Noah's Arks complete with carved pairs of animals for each show. And the idea is to sell them, which then may mean making additional arks. I guess what I'm saying is that it's kinda like fishing. You enjoy the whole experience, whether you catch any fish or not. And sometimes catchin fish is to much of a bother. I also must have a complement of carvings and whittlins for each show. This means that sooner or later I have to set prices. My goal is to just cover expenses. This usually happens. But not because my items are pricey, but just the opposite.


Holee said...

What would look really colorful would be some small quilts hanging on the rails of the tent, maybe Tracy could work on that for the Christmas event. Glad to see you are nicely busy!

Marcia said...

Hi Tom, You do have a nice set up for your sales tho. I'm surprised you havent quilted a gnome quilt yet. *grin*

Do you still have cotton wood bark? How about carving little doors or notches in it and having gnomes standing in front of the doors or on the notches? Like a shelf for gnomes? That might get folks to start collecting them to fill up the 'shelf'..

I wish you the best of luck with your shows this year.


Tom H said...

Holee and Marcia, both great ideas.

Tom H

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