Monday, September 20, 2010


Been absent a bit. Been under the weather a bit. Been overworked a bit. Getting old a bit too.

I am convinced that there exists in each of our lives, certain points where we change. If we can remember these points, and the conditions that existed at the specific time, we can identify specifically when our bodies/mind had changes foisted on them them. I can identify three of these moments.

First, my current condition. One week ago from this past Sunday I provided wood carving demonstrations for a bunch of kids. As a result of this activity, I became infested with some "Kid Cooties" Cooties of the bad cold type. Colds are nothing new to me, or any of us. But up until this last "cold" I would be over the cold in a few days. It's now going on the second week and I am still not over this cold. Sore throat, headache, muscle soreness all over, snot and flem (green) from nose and throat, hives, the works. Yet another signal that my body has changed into being old.

Second condition, was when my legs gave out. Several months ago my son-in-law asked for my help in assisting him install cable to additional rooms in our house. This installation involved "snaking some cable from the basement up to the second floor. To achieve this we used a "snake". We ran into all sorts obstacles and interference pulling this cable. My assistance started and ended with running up and down the steps from the basement to the second floor about 100 times. At about the 50th trip my knees and legs started putting up an argument. The next day it was clear that my body had given me yet another signal that I was old. It was a correct signal, as my legs have never recovered.

Third condition, was when my arms, legs, and back gave out. Several months ago I was playing on the floor with one of the flower girls from next door. She climbed on my shoulders. I tried to get up to my feet. Couldn't do it. I had been able to achieve this minor feat at any time....up until then. Yet another signal; you're old.

I have not been able to come back from these life altering events. I am wondering if this "cold" will result in the same type of thing. An omen if what's to come.


Sandy said...

It's bad that you have the dreaded "old person's cold" but good to see you back on line. That's what my DH and I have deceided that it is - not really the flu or some other dreaded illnesses but like you say, just one of the many things that tells us we're getting older.
So who's tacking care of you and your wife?? Surely, not the flower girls!!
Didn't you know that women can see through walls and cabinet doors? That's how we know where the shampoo is....hahhahaaaaa

Have a great day....

Tom H said...

Sandy, Funny! I always knew mothers had eyes in the back of their heads, now I know the rest of the story. If we would let the flower girls, they would take over all nursing duties. And I'll bet Dahlia would come up with a nurse outfit, complete with a tutu.


Tracy said...

I think you're allowed to slow down a little bit....and maybe it's the flu or something. At least your brain still works! :)

I've been experiencing more and more of those "signs" myself lately....its sad when you can hurt yourself sleeping.

Holee said...

Tom, the computer tells me to take off 5 years for each diease I have. They even gave 80 as the current age for women. Since I have 3 major dieases that would mean I'm dead already!

I don't know about you, but I'm not ready yet! I don't mind being old, I just don't want to be finished yet! I think you're doing great...just feeling the strain of being a caretaker maybe.

Tom H said...

Great to hear from you Hollee. I agree with you, I gots lots more plans, as I know you do too. How's the new place?

Marcia said...

Uffda Tom...with snot that color its time to see the doctor for antibiotics for a sinus infection. THAT can drag on for a long time....

Eat more fruit.. Ha ha ha