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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cable Guys!

Old TV died. Bought a new TV. I have cable. I have HD. I have a VCR/DVD. I have an A/B switcher so I can tape one show while watching another. Called Cable company to install new TV and hookup everything so it works. For $19.95, it's called a stress preventer. Cable guy comes like he's supposed to, when he's supposed to. Puts new cables in, changes out a few connections. I ask hime if everything will work the same as before. He says yes it will. I say even with the A/B switch? He says yes. Then he's out of here.

TV works fine. I throw the old remote into the box with the 37 others that I have accumulated over the years.

Go to watch a tape. NO WORKEE! Call cable company. Listen to 10 minutes of advertizing. Talk to a technician. Who asks my problem. He says you can't do that with the equipment I have. I say BS! Send another technician to make it do what it always has done. That's just tape a TV program and watch it later......

I know I'm old. I know I don't listen well. I know I don't follow instructions. I know I have to pay others to do this kind of stuff....


I am waiting for the second technician to arrive,

I am calm!

OPPS! he's here.

Finally a good one. He actually explained and demonstrated everything to me. Made me demonstrate it all back to him. Went to the truck to do the paperwork. Came back and made me redemonstrate again. Then asked if I had any additional questions. He was so damn good I al,most asked him for a stock tip. Maybe I just looked stupid, but I sure appreciated his instructional manner......

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