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Friday, September 10, 2010

"Secret Hiding Places"

Me, "Honey, We have any more pretzels"? Answer, "Yes, on the floor in the back hall closet, between the red sweatshirt and the tan jacket on hangers". Dang! she was right.

Question, "Can you bring down the shampoo in the blue capped bottle, under the bathroom sink, beside the white capped shampoo, which is to the right on the left hand door, on the bottom shelf"? Me (after going right to the shampoo she wants), "Sure". I don't have a clue how she does this, as there are 37 different shampoo bottles under the bathroom sink.

Question, " Can you go to the basement freezer and bring a can of frozen OJ up to thaw? It's on the top shelf of the door, on the right hand side". It was.

Statement: When you to the grocery store, don't forget to get a can of peanuts. The last trip to the store yielded no can of peanuts. I walked up and down every row, but after a few minutes every can looked the same. There's trouble, when there's no peanuts at home. I said "they must have run out of peanuts". No buying that excuse. Here's the answer: You'll find the peanuts in the first row past the soft drinks; to the right when you face the pharmacy counter, about two thirds down on the top shelf. Dang! right again. I bought four cans.

About now, I was wondering about replenishing the supply of gummy bears. But I remembered that there are several hiding places for the gummy bears. Hiding these became a necessity when the Flower Girls came visiting. They have always been able to scope the candy out.

I am finding out where lots of stuff resides here at home......

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