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Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Good Thing About Modern Things!

Our old TV set began its death throes yesterday. After I got over the fact that it was at least 12 years old, I realized it was time to replace. Got on the Internet and determined what the highest rated TV set was. Measured the space in the cabinet where the set must fit. Decided that the largest TV set that I could fit into the space was a 32" set. Got back on the Internet at PRICE GRABBER and found out what the best price was, and printed it out. Took off to BEST BUY and purchased a new 32" set, for the same low price that I had found on the Internet.

Now here's the good thing about new/modern technology. The new TV set in the box weighs about the same as a folding chair. I had to get the help of a much younger and stronger neighbor to help me remove the old set from the cabinet. There's probably a 100 pound difference......Now lets see how long the new set lasts..


Tracy said...

I know...those big bulky old sets are a nightmare....BIL Mark ripped his arm muscle trying to move one.

Sandy said...

Your previous posts about your knew "knowledge" is hysterical .. but probably not to you. I can picture my husband, who has been a kept man for 46 years, trying to do the same simple things. He retired in Dec - stating that when he retired he was going to "shop for groceries, wash clothes, etc etc etc.." yeah, right!! I'm still waiting..
But I'm sure your darling wife appreciates all the things you do for her - hang in there, I'm sure there's more to come..

Sherry said...

This may double post...computers!

I have been catching up on your on the job training. I feel soooo sorry for your wife. You husbands are hard to train!

In the early years of marriage, I begged my mother that if anything happened to me that required hospitalization to please rescue my clothes and wash them. Husband would've thrown everything together and we would've had pink everything!