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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flower Girls at Play???

While sitting on the swing on the patio, with a pocket knife carving some little 5 minute owls, I could not help hearing lots of commotion from the next door back yard. The Flower Girls were on their trampoline. I can only see the very top of the trampoline because of the bushes and trees. Actually I can only see the girls when they are jumping and at the very top of their jump. Not only were they jumping but they were screaming, yelling, and even whining. I walked over to find out what was going on. When the girls saw me they got off the trampoline and came running. Greeted me like they'd not seen me in weeks. I asked them. "What in the world all the commotion was"? They answered, "We were just trying to kill each other". And it sounded like it.

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