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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gnome Report or Lack of!

I would like to report that the Flower girls are all excited about Gnomey's marshmallow roast, but I guess there's too much else goin on right now. School just started, their house is under going a massive remodel. Disruption, disruption, disruption. And to top this off their mom just left for a week overseas for a wedding. It's the first time mom has been away from the girls.

However, I can share some exchanges that occurred this morning while walking up the hill to catch the school bus. The Flower girls grandpa and grandma are walking them up the hill. I brought up the subject of Gnomes, because the girls mom has been reading Gnome stories to them. I asked what Gnomes like to eat. Before they could answer their grandpa said , " I need to know too! Cause I'm to make a trap and catch them, and I need bait." Well that got the girls attention, but fast. They both said, "NO YOU'RE NOT!" The girls said that Gnomes like nuts. Grandpa said, "OK I'll bait the trap with peanut butter." Again, the same response for the girls. "NO YOU WON'T." Grandpa said, "creamy or chunky?" I asked if the girls thought you could catch Gnomes with chocolate. Zinnia, piped up and said, "You could probably catch Dahlia in a trap with chocolate.

We'll see if the girls say anything tonight.


Raymond K. Houston said...

Oh, I laughed out loud over this one!! (how big a trap is grandpa gonna build??)

Tom H said...

I hope not big enough to trap me! LOL