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Monday, September 21, 2009

Gnomey Is Building A Trap!

Several days ago Gnomey had asked the Flower girls if they would help him build a trap to catch Bubba; before Bubba could catch him (and eat him). This is the note that the girls left for Gnomey. It says, " Dear Gnomey, I will help you mak a cajje."

Here is Gnomeys reply back to the Flower girls. The only thing I might add is that the girls reply to this message should be funny. Bubba is no small person. I can't wait to see how they handle the questions.


Marcia said...

Wouldnt it be easier to just work up a 'contract' between Bubba and Gnomey that they wont catch and eat each other? Maybe the youngest one can be the 'go between' on signatures and will feel that she wont have to make a choice between Bubba and Gnomey and she helped solve the problem.

Just a suggestion. Marcia.

Tom H said...

I'll probably lead the girls to this or a similar solution. But meantime it'll be fun to see how the girls address the trap issue

tisme said...

Tom, I received my gnome biker, and I love it!! It is perfect.
We have a small collection of antique cast iron bikes and gnome biker looks perfect sitting with them on the living room shelf. I am going to try to take a pic of them all together and get it posted on my blog today, so check it out on Friday if you would like.
Thanks again for the wonderful gift.
Can`t wait to see the framed mini you are working on now. And the best part, I have extra chances! :)