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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Tisme's" Gift

You all will remember that I selected "Tisme's" idea for my Christmas Giveaway. I now owe her a gift. So I thought that this little "teaser" might be called for. This is a 4 1/2 inch long model of a Harley. I am presently carving something to go with it. As soon as I finish, and send it off to "Tisme" I'll post the completed photo.


tisme said...

OMG!!!! OMG!!!!!!
You are fantastic!!
I could not have even imagined such a great gift!
Tom, thank you so much is not close to how I feel seeing that bike. I am a Harley girl through and through, and am just overwhelmed with your choice for me. You have brought tears to my eyes and I don`t even have it yet!! :) huge smile here

Tom H said...

I have been looking for a very small fully detailed bike for quite a while. I could not believe it when I found this one at a local flea market.

Holee said...

Oh wow, I've also been looking for a bike for tisme..they aren't easy to find!

can't wait to see the carving!

Sherry said...

Lucky Tammy!

Tom...My Harley is red too. ;o)

Yeah. I know. I didn't win so I'll go pout now.

Donnelly said...

Can't wait to see what you are doing!
Have a great day.