Friday, September 4, 2009

Gnomey's Marshmallow Roast Discovered!

The flower girls found the remains of Gnomeys marshmallow roast. On the way up the hill to catch the school bus this morning they both told me about the fire ring and the left over marshmallows. I had to play dumb (not too difficult), so they explained the whole thing to me. Dahlia even yelled, "I smelled the fire last night". I asked if they had been invited. To that they said "NO". Next Zinnia asked if I had one of those cameras that they use to take pictures at night, of wild animals. She said she saw a TV show where they put cameras out at night and got pictures of bears and deer. Well, I told her that I didn't have a camera like that. To that, their Grandpa said, "Well we know they like marshmallows". "We can bait a trap with marshmallows and catch one". Zinnia came over to me and whispered, " Tom go over there and hit Bubba". That's their nick name for their Grandpa.


Raymond K. Houston said...

Is Bubba not in on it (or, is he just trying to "push somebody's buttons")??

Tom H said...

Hey Raymond, I never told Bubba directly, but hes got to know. But! yes, he is pushin the buttons, for sure. You ought to see the girls when he starts talkin about rollin em in butter and batter, then deep fryin them.

Marcia said...

How cute! Do Gnomes stock up for winter living too? Acorns and Sunflower seeds or anything like that?