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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harley Has A Rider!

Well, Tismee's wait is about over. The little Harley has a rider finally. Please keep in mind that the motorcycle is only 5 inches long. I had a ton of trouble trying to scale the Gnome to the bike. After about three tries, it finally dawned on me that Gnomes have really short legs. Therefore, a Gnome would have a big problem drivin one of these Harley's. Just a few more touch ups and it will be in the mail. This one will be a hard one to let go of.


tisme said...

It is awesome!!
My husband was looking at it, and the bike is a Springer, which is what we have. I think there will be a discussion on who this belongs too.
I am sure you are not wanting to let go of that little beauty!
Thanks so much Tom!

Holee said...

I heard that artists often find their own face in their paintings etc... I think I see Tom in the face of the Harley rider!

What a wonderful treasure!

Tom H said...

Never rode a motor cycle....But always wanted one. Secretly of course.