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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Does this look like a mess to you? To me it's just a bit of the pieces that must be finished. Finished painted, eyes carved, and waxed. It seems that every year, Christmas sneaks up on me. Besides getting ready for Christmas and all the carving that it always entails, there's carving shows and carving demonstrations. I love it all, but it leaves little time for anything else.
Here's part of a Christmas Tree Ornament Exchange that I am participating in. 22 participants, means that normally there would be 22 ornaments to carve and send out. But since I carve so small, I feel I have to send multiple ornaments. Each little pile of carvings represents what will be sent to one participant.

This year I'll be at the Carving Show in Dayton, Ohio. That means a display. This is what I have so far, but will need more. At least it's my plan to have some more.
In addition to the Dayton Carving show, the following weekend I carve at a local shop, and sell ornaments....but mostly carve and give little carvings to the kids that are with their moms shopping. Then there are the four Noah's Arks and animals that must be completed by Christmas....That's why I'm a bit behind in blog posting.....


tisme said...

The framed quilts look great with their little gnomey friends!
I love all your little carvings.

diy said...

We're both fortunate in having a source of pleasure that we're capable of sharing with others.

It keeps me out of trouble, well most of the time. As you already know Iadmire your carving I'll finish there.

Marcia said...

WOW.. Tom do you sleep with that knife or what? Goodness you have alot going there. I love your table set up. What are the plain boxes in the center of your table?


Holee said...

I wish I could say I was doing something fun. We are sort of carving too, we are trying to carve a temp. kitchen to cook a turkey sub floor has given us a lot of trouble.

I just enjoy looking at all the little guys you carve. The over the door ark will be super!

I'm a little behind too but working on all the christmas gifts, pillow cases and pollyanna items. I've got the snowman and christmas quilts on hold again this year..oh well, the days just aren't long enough!

Tom H said...

The little boxes are "snake in the box" toys. Amish "church toys".