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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rotary carving a Cheetah

I think that just about everybody has a Rotary Tool (Dremel). And if you have a rotary tool you'll also have one of the small (1/2") sanding drums, that go with it.
I will be posting a slide presentation on using the Rotary Tool to carve a CHEETAH. A small Cheetah. I have never timed myself when carving one of these animals, but it's probably around 3 minutes. It's very easy, and anyone can do it.
I started using the Rotary Tool to carve the pairs of animals for some of the Noah's Arks that I make, as the result of accepting a commission. Several years ago at Thanksgiving one of my customers asked if I would make five (5) Noah's Arks and animals for her to have and to give for Christmas. That's one (1) month to carve the 18 pairs of animals per ark, plus make the arks. This put me in a spot, because this was a very good customer, the wife of a very famous music celebrity. As soon as she asked, I think she realized how little time I would have. I must have hesitated, because she offered me a price and then upped it to the point where I could not refuse. That's when I learned how to do these animals in a very fast time. I got the commission done in time and everyone was very happy.
So, in about a week or two, I'll share my techniques for carving an animal in well under 5 minutes.

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diy said...

Looking forward to your slides. My attempts at power carving have been, well limited.