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Friday, November 6, 2009

Fresh Eggs!

As a part of growing up in what a few years ago was country, the boys down the road are raising chickens. Mason (7) and Colin (5) have converted a garden shed into a chicken coop. At Easter time they got some chickens. Several weeks ago the chickens began laying eggs. The boys brought me the first eggs that their chickens laid. I later found out that they must think we're special, because at the time they gave us the first eggs, their mom was all out. Well yesterday afternoon the boys come back over and gave me 4 more. The eggs as you can see have the tan/brown shells. I asked the boys why the shells weren't white. They didn't really know, so I took it upon myself to tell them. I said, "It's because your chickens drink dirty water." My wife scolded me.


Marcia said...

..dirty water.. I just spewed my tea all over my monitor. LOL LOL

Fresh eggs are sooo goood.. hard to peel..but goood.. I'm hoping to get a few laying hens myself next spring.


Sherry said...

You are bad!

I have a neighbor who brings me a dozen fresh eggs on occasion. I've tried to pay her, but she won't accept any money. She and her husband did enjoy the loaf of homemade bread though!