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Monday, November 16, 2009

Dayton Carving Show - Artistry in Wood

Had a fantastic time at the Dayton woodcarving show. This was the first time I exhibited. Prior to this time I had attended the show a few times. I shared a booth with a carving friend, who talked me into entering the judging. I at first said naw, I'm not ready for this show yet. My friend went through my display and pulled this Hillbilly with a pipe out, and said enter this one in the WHITTLING category, since you carved it all with a knife. So I did. And to my great surprise, it took second place in the category.
The Dayton show was a great success, for me anyway. On Saturday it was shoulder to shoulder. A frenzy of folks, and for those that were selling carvings, a good day. My only sales goals are to meet my expenses. Expenses being gas, meals, two nights lodging, booth fees, and a few supplies purchases. I exceeded my goal.
Perhaps the greatest part of the weekend was the opportunity to meet folks. I was able to meet some carvers that I have only met on the Internet. And of course, there is the opportunity to view some of the greatest carvings ever. This means that I'll be inspired for some time to come.


Dave Brock said...

Great job on the little pipe man and congrat's on the ribbon. I guess you're happy that you went to the show now! Nice work and thanks for posting it.

tisme said...

I am so glad you won!
I hope you took lots of pics for us.

Tracy said...

Yeah Dad!!!!

Marcia said...

Yay Tom!! Congrats on the ribbon! The pipe man is well done and good looking :D

Now...that you have 'first time' under your belt it didnt hurt so bad now did it?

I hope you continue to do shows.. you have great things for others to enjoy!!


diy said...

Pleased you had a good time. That is a good whittle , mind you I'm a poor judge, no hill billys around here!