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Friday, November 27, 2009

Going In For The Winter!

When I got up this morning I found that some garden Gnomes were up on the porch. I didn't put them there! I thought maybe that the Flower Girls might have done it. Nope not them! We did have our first snow of the season this morning. Maybe they're hinting to come in. At least that's what the girls think. I wonder how the Gnomes got up on the porch beside Penelope?


Marcia said...

Ooo.. a Mystery! I dont suppose bubba was over for T Day next door? Mmmmmm......

Well? Are they allowed in for the winter?


Holee said...

Maybe Gnomie thought you were neglecting his image and with a little gnome magic,got them out of the snow and begging at the door!
(my imagination has been so starved with plaster and saw dust)

lifeshighway said...

Gnomes are quite capable of moving to their own advantage. Be careful as winter progresses they may start building a little camp fire.