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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Open House At Gift Shop

The past two days I sat and whittled at a gift shop. I also sold some ornaments and of course some Gnomes. I really didn't want to sell the Gnomes so I set the prices a bit steep. But to a Gnome lover (believer) it don't make any difference. Took nine, sold six. But judging from the excitement from the buyers the Gnomes will be happy.

The most fun I had was with the kids, especially one young boy who had just started carving soap in the cub scouts. He and his dad sort of hung around while mother shopped. Dad had recently purchased a Swiss Army knife for the boy, and we had an instant lesson on safe knife handling and carving. Since the only wood I carry with me is small, I just demonstrated some of the basic cuts. And of course I went step-by-step and did a wizard for the young boy.

I had more fun with the kids than with selling. Each kid that stopped had to take a 5 minute owl.
Several "Older" ladies who had dragged their husbands shopping told their husbands that they should start carving, instead of just sitting around the house. I told these fellows that a bunch of us meet every Tuesday morning at the local Senior Center. We'll see what happens.


Hal in Seattle said...

Tom love the Gnomes , thank you for the 3 you sent me.I have carved 7 since i recd yours. Is it your pattern or did it come from someone and you made it your way? Did you see my cheap oar carver I made from a Rough Rider I modified? check out my Blogg its on there.

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