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Monday, November 30, 2009

Stay Tuned For Christmas Giveaway!

Spent some time today writing up some tickets with names on them for the Christmas Giveaway. Will place the tickets into a hat, and let the Flower Girls pick a winner. I'll have to wait until later when the girls are both home. I'll post the winner and the giveaway this evening.

Also I'll be posting a photo of a Singer Featherweight sewing machine. I am about to leave to check the Featherweight out. A friend of mine is a "professional" garage sale/flea market guy, and he came across one. He said it looks perfect. We'll see. I have several members of my quilting class/group that said they want one.


lesthook said...

The second blog about a good featherweight I have read in the last few minutes,LOL!Maybe I'll run acrossone someday.

tisme said...

I bought my Featherweight last year from a friend on HGTV! I love it.
Mine was born in 1955.
Waiting for the drawing, patiently.