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Monday, October 19, 2009

BUSY Carving Gnomes!

I find myself dividing my time between carving Santa's and Gnomes this time of year. Also have a 74 inch wide relief carving of Noah's Ark and animals to do by Christmas. The little Gnome in the photo is about 3 inches tall, and will find its way onto the frame if an orphaned quilt square. Some will remember that I have a Christmas Giveaway. And that the Giveaway was determined to be a framed quilt square, with carved Gnome(s) on the frame. Here's some samples:


lesthook said...

Those are really cute! I really like the gnome holding the quilt.

Holee said...

How great! I like Gnomey sleeping.

tisme said...

oh they are great! I like the one with the gnome sleeping on the mushroom.