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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Santa Earrings - Drawing Results

I didn't forget! Yesterday was the day for me to draw the name of the winner of the Santa earrings. But is was real late when I did. And the winner is.......(drum roll please)....."Not Lucy".

If Alicia (Not Lucy) will E Mail me, and tell me her preferences I'll get on it right away. The preferences being: painted, stained, or natural, post or the kind with the "hook".


Not Lucy said...

Hey Tom! That was worth getting up for! Thanks for drawing my name!!!! I will send my address info when I get home again on Sunday. I would like the stained Santas on hooks.

Marcia said...

Congrats to you, Not Lucy (Alicia)!!

tisme said...

WTG!! Not Lucy!!

Holee said...

Congrats to you Not Lucy, what a nice win!