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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This morning I packaged up and mailed a Doll Quilt to a swap participant who did not receive one from her swap partner. These replacement quilts are called "angel quilts".
People who sign up to participate in a doll quilt swap, or a carving exchange have to know that they are obligating themselves to actually complete a doll quilt or a carving and mail it to their "swap partner". When people do not follow through and send a doll quilt or a carving there is even a name for them. They are called "FLAKES". As in 'FLAKED OUT, I suppose. It seems that there are more and more of these "FLAKES" in the swaps and exchanges. Some swaps and exchanges even have special language that is supposed to accommodate these "FLAKES". The swap/exchange instructions actually state that "IF LIFE GETS IN THE WAY, AND YOU CANNOT COMPLETE THE QUILT OR CARVING PLEASE LET US KNOW". In the doll quilt swaps there are even folks (like myself) who make up "Angel Quilts" and send these to fill in for the "FLAKES". This is a wonderful idea, these "angel quilts", but where is the outrage at these "FLAKES"? Life gets in the way, indeed! What an excuse! The only real excuse is "WHEN DEATH GETS IN THE WAY", Quilters and carvers are wonderful, friendly and sharing folks. But I personally think that our circle has been invaded by those who are praying on our talents, our sharing, and our ________________(fill in your own word, I ran out of nice ones). I think these "FLAKES" are merely adding to their collections.


tisme said...

I think they are called Flakes, because you can not put online what they really are!! I participated in a RR with crazy quilt ladies. It was over 8 months moving along. The next to the last FLAKE that had mine, never mailed it on. So I worked on RR pieces for 8 months and received nothing in return. We have emailed her and left messages on her cell phone, no response.
Will I do this again? I just don`t know right now.

Tom H said...

I think there's a nasty streak in me. I think there needs to be a kind of registery where the names of all Flakes from all swaps and exchanges should be posted. Of course there would have to be some sort of verification....

Holee said...

Gotta put my 2 cents in here. Donna(everythingquilts, Sew happy quilting blog) just lost her husband. She is in 2 of my swaps. In the middle of all her grief, she managed to finish her fall mini quilt and send it off. I understand she is working on her Christmas mini.

Death is a good reason to be a "no show". NO one would have held it against her if she did not complete the swaps. But, it's just not in her nature being in the age group she is from.

Right now I have a NO SHOW. Her screen name is Coffee/tea or me and this is NOT the first swap she didn't show up for. On HGTV if you post a nasty about this subject, they most likely would ban ME. BUT, being me, when the swap is over I will post just how I feel and after 7 yrs of posting on HGTV, I really don't give a dam if they ban me or not..I'm just tired of this baloney! I'm off my box for now!

Tom H said...

I am sorry to hear about Donna's husbands death. Isn't he the fella who recently had a very serious incident resulting from diabetes? Donna is a very nice person, not to mention a fantastic quilter. And she is certainally of the old school when it comes to responsibility. She's in my thoughts and prayers.

Holee said...

Yes Tom, Cliff was trying to get a kidney transplant. Then he has heart issues and never recovered.

Cliff was a shopper..Donna said she will have enough shampoo and bath products to last her life time. He left behind a huge building filled to the brim. She hasn't had much time to realize her life as she has had to clean up the stuff and move...God bless her, she's a trooper!