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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Over The Door Ark

A large THANK YOU for all who participated in my cyber Butt Kicking at noon today. I am glad to report that it seems to work. I got moving on a commission that I should have started 2 weeks ago. A fellow wants to surprise his wife with this Noah's Ark, for Christmas. This is just a start of a 74 inch wide scene, that will go over the top of a set of doors in their house. Fellow's wife collects Noah's Arks. The ark will be shaped and the animals will be carved on one side. The ark will have a cabin, Behind the ark will be hills and mountains. The items will be stained different shades instead of painted, with some wood burning of spots, etc.

The only thing remaining to be determined is whether the animals will be going into the ark or coming out. If they are to be coming out, I'll do a painted rainbow.


Tracy said...

is it appropriate for one's offspring to kick one's pappy in the butt? LOL Seems disrespectful....

Tom H said...

occassionally everyone needs a kick in the butt!!!!especially when they cannot spell correctly.

Marcia said...

I'm glad it worked for you Tom! Thats an awsome project you have going there.

I wish I could kick this allergy/cold in the butt too. Not so easy to carve when you have the sneezies... :s