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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Painting Santa Earrings

Well, I am getting busy painting some earrings and staining the others. These smaller Santa's will become earrings, pins, and shelf sitting dust collectors.

I can tell you this much about the difference between staining and painting. To stain you just dip and wipe. To paint, there is a whole bunch of steps, as detailed below:

Step 1: Get a round tooth pick.
Step 2: Get a small tube of Super Glue.
Step 3: Dip the end of the tooth pick into the Super Glue.
Step 4: Catch your cat (or the neighbors cat).
Step 5: Touch the glue end of the tooth pick to the cats tail.
Step 6: Get 4 to 6 cat hairs stuck to the glue.
Step 7: Trim cat hairs even.
Step 8: Scrub carving with wet tooth brush.
Step 9: Paint flesh tone first, and let dry.
Step 10: Paint white, and let dry.
Step 11: Paint red and let dry.
Step 12: Ink the eye in.
Step 13: Scrub carving with dry tooth brush.
Step 14: Wax and buff
Step 15: Add "hardware"

Additional Important TIPS to painting the Santa earrings:

A. No coffee for 4 hours prior to painting.
B. Paint the first thing in the AM.
C. Paint in full light.
D. Use glasses clip-on magnifiers.
E. Turn off all telephones, doorbells, and any device that could startle you.


Not Lucy said...

See, that just shows that staining is better!

Holee said...

I see you found a new use for quilting pins :)

Tom H said...

Staining is a lot easier, and I also think that it calls attention to the fact that the object is indeed carved from wood. And, Yes Holee those pins were from my quilting stuff, but had dulled. And remember, I am cheap. Use them for something else. Buy new ones for quilting.