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Thursday, October 8, 2009

International Flake Registery

I've about half a notion to start an International Swap & Exchange Flake Registry. The registry would accept the names of people who have have left a swap partner holding the bag, the empty bag. The names of the Flakes would probably only be their Internet or Flickr names, but that in itself might prevent someone from including them in their swap or exchange.


Tracy said...

don't get me started...I had 4 flakes in my round this time....and just rec'd an email that a swap from back in June never came through as promised. I am done with swaps. Sad...I really loved them.

Tom H said...

As long as there is no Outrage, there's no real concern, with no real concern, there will eventually be no swaps and exchanges.

Holee said...

We could start the new year off with a list of KNOWN good swappers. I've been wanting to swap with you and I know we both would come through!

Tisme, Donna, & I are good for our word, as is axbkris and a few others from HGTV!

Tracy, I was so enjoying your swaps, but in the end, I had to take the high road. If life gets in the way so often for some, they don't belong in swaps. I knew life was gonna get in my way so I made my 3 swap quilts right away and got them in the mail BEFORE life took over. That's just not a good excuse as far as I am concerned.

The other option would be for you and your dad to join my HGTV swap, you two are always welcome!

My next round of swappers will only be those who have come through in the past swaps so. We won't be signing up until after the New Year..a spring swap.

tisme said...

I think it would be great to be in a swap with Tracy and Tom. I agree with Holee, lets make a list of GOOD swappers, and only swap with them. Somehow we need to figure out a way for new swappers to get involved though. Maybe have them send a mini quilt to the host swapper, then allow them to sign up, the host holds the one mini until they successfully complete 2-3 swaps. then send them a mini in return for the first one and add them to the list of good swappers. How does that sound?

Tom H said...

Tammy, Looks like tracy and I will be discussing some ideas. Thanks