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Friday, June 5, 2009

All Quiet On The Gnome Front

School is winding down for the flower girls, and that means lots of activities going on. Activities related to school that is. Not much time for the girls playing at home and in the yard. But that will soon change. I look foreword to seeing and hearing the girls running and playing outside, from sun up till sundown and beyond. There will be be lots of fireflies to catch, you know.

Next week, is the Woodcarvers Roundup at Evart Michigan. This is one that I will be attending. Last year there were around 550 carvers in and out during the 3 1/2 day event. Lots of instructions and demonstration, and all round carving fun. I am looking forward to this event.
I'll have my camera, and will attempt to remember to take some photos, for sharing. Whether I get a chance to post during that week remains to be seen. I'll have to locate a computer first.
We'll see.

The beginner quilting class that I am co-teaching is nearly over, and the participants all have done great. We'll probably keep on running the class as an open event, until the next scheduled class starts.


Holee said...

Gnomey needs to clean up. It looks like he left town! His wash line is falling down, his mailbox is falling over and he needs to add to the summer flower fun, maybe flower pots or picnic table!

Enjoy your trip. I'm green with envy. You do get around!

Tom H said...

Holee, You are correct about Gnomey's front yard. Maybe this weekend he'll do some cleaning up and who knows what else.