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Friday, June 26, 2009

Macho Rag Lap Quilt - Snag

The last time I made a flannel rag lap quilt, I did not follow the directions. My name is TOM remember. That's still a male name, so what do you expect. The directions called for a 1 inch seam. Yep! you read it right, a 1 inch seam. I did not think that was such a good idea, so I changed it to a 1/2 inch seam. However, this time I followed the directions. A 1 inch seam it is. After making up and laying out the squares I started to sew them together. Holy crap, my lap quilt became half a lap quilt. With that 1 inch seam, it means that each of the squares end up 2 inches smaller. The lap quilt started out with 9 squares to a row. Two inches X 9 = 18 inches. That means the lap quilt ended up 18 inches smaller. So I'll just add at least 2 more squares in each row.

What do ya bet I'll end up adding more than 2 additional squares to each row.

When this lap quilt is finished, it will be so heavy that it will have earned the name "macho".


Holee said...

I always use 1/2 inch seams and I don't use batting with flannel on both sides.

I always pictured wearing 2 flannel shirts...warm enough for me!

Tom H said...

Well this bad boy will end up weighing 20 pounds, but should be warm. To get that 1 inch to fray, will probably fill 1 1/2 landfills with lint and threads.

hollee, I'll take your advice the next time...