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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gnomey's Yard Clean up!

As you can see, the Gnomes door and front yard area is getting quite shabby. Holee pointed this out. Mail box leaning, clothes line about to fall down, and weeds and other debris all around. I said I'd try to get it straightened up. Well, what I meant was that I'd try to get Gnomey to straighten it up. But, the persistent problem is that the flower girls have been around the whole week end. So, I decided on a different approach to the yard clean up. When I was talking to Zinnia (7 years old), I exclaimed that I thought the Gnomes yard looked kind messy. She kinda shrugged. So I asked her if she thought that maybe we should clean Gnomey's yard up a bit. Zinnia's reply kinda surprised me. Without any hesitation whats so ever, she answered back, "maybe Gnomey likes his yard like that".


Holee said...

Low income housing :) But she does have a point. "Men", tend to like to "pace themself" when it comes to housework...LOL, I know this because I live with my son who is always telling me he's pacing himself.

Kaaren said...

Oops. Guess she told you, huh? (wink)