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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update On The Gnome Adventure

While the flower girls were gone today I made a quick walk through to see if anything was happening at the Gnome door. I found only one item, other than flower seeds sprouting everywhere the girls planted them. That one item being a little yard decoration consisting of a Gnome sitting on a mushroom. I'll have to find out what the girls were thinking when they did this.

The flower girls did tell be about the pillow that Gnomey gave them. They said it did make loud music when it was bumped.

Now the "rest of the story" according to the girls dad. Seems when they returned home from the weekend of camping they both ran to the Gnome door looking for a message. When they saw the package with the pillow and the note in it they got all excited and began pulling and tugging at the pillow to get it out of the bag. I am sure that with just one of them pulling and tugging it would have come right out. But no, both wanted to get the pillow. And of course the pillow did come out and popped up into the air and fell to the ground. That was enough to set it off. Their dad said both girls screamed and then stated laughing.

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Soukies said...

So cute! I love the little plants, what an adventure for the girls~