Thursday, June 18, 2009

Upholstery Samples!

At the quilting class that I am team teaching, someone dropped off about 6 big boxes of upholstery fabric samples. Some of the samples were about 12"x18", some larger 24"x24".

Some of the samples are ugly, while some are very nice. I have used this type of fabric to make over the shoulder carry-alls in the past. It seems such a waste not to use these samples.

Any one care to make some suggestions?????


Not Lucy said...

Our quilting ladies at church make the into school bags or quilts for Lutheran World Relief.

Holee said...

They make great seat mats for the car. I use them in my dolls houses.

I sewed some very heavy samples together for my son who uses them to kneel on when repairing the car or his bikes. He keeps one in the trunk. They make good tool pouches.

Tom H said...

Thanks for the suggestions. The first thing I am making is a new over the shoulder carry-all. After that I'll try some carving tool rolls.