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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Request For A Play Date!

Read the note the flower girl (Zinnia) sent Gnomey. As soon as the girls got up the next morning after arriving home to 10:30 PM, from their vacation, they checked out the Gnome house and the message box. This was their response. Once again I must be very careful. Are they testing me? Is it a trap? Do they still believe? Or are they stringing me along? Don't quite know how to respond. I could send any one of the following messages:

Gnomey don't play in the day time.
Gnomey don't go out side in the day light. too bashful too afraid

Any ideas??? Please, the continued adventure may depend on the answer that Gnomey gives to Zinnia.


Holee said...

Gnomey works all night so I bet the poor guy sleeps all day. Ya know, getting ready for winter.

How would you like a tool belt with real tiny metal tools? Gnomey could leave it on the table with a pile of wood, like he was working all night?

Let me know and I'll send it off to you. Sort of goes with the muddy boots you're going to do.

Tom H said...

Hold that offer/thought holee! I got to finish them boots first...
Thanks tho!

Sherry said...

Gnomey is already breaking the 3,000 year old Gnome rules by communicating with humans. The authorities are so out of touch with modern gnomes aren't they?!

Tom H said...

Sherry, I think I can see a way out of this after reading your comment...Thanks