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Monday, June 8, 2009

Gnomey Cleans Up the View!

Finally, "Gnomey" got a chance to do some yard clean up. But it looks kinda bare now. The following photographs are of the rest of the Flower Girls yard.
I am thinking Gnomey might like some flowers of his own, in his yard.
This is what Gnomey sees right out his door.
This is right around the corner from Gnomey's door.
This an out front view. This one kinda scares Gnomey a wee bit.
Out front too.
Don't you think Gnomey needs some flowers too? I would plant some myself, but then the girls might get the idea that I did it, and not Gnomey. But! this is what I am going to do instead. The girls know that I'll be out of town the rest of the week. They know, because I bribed them to bring in my paper and the mail every day. I gave them a big box to put the papers and the mail in. Their payment is a small bag each day. The bag contains various penny candies and such. So I am sure they will remember I'm not home. So I prepared a message from Gnomey to be put in Gnomey's mailbox for the girls; by their mom while I am out of town. Sly, don't you think?
The message will be a plea for some small flowers in Gnomey's front yard.
Do they have real flowers that small???


Tina said...

sneaky...very sneaky!

Tracy said...


Kaaren said...

Gnomeland looks much tidier now, Tom. After all, they too must do their part to keep the neighborhood looking good.

I agree. Alyssum is a small low-growing annual.