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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quilting Class Update

I am quite proud of the quilt projects that the members of my beginners quilting class are completing. I wish I could take all the credit, but my co-instructor is not only a fabulous quilter, but a great teacher too. This first quilt is being done by a lady who wanted to use a sewing machine instead of all handwork. This quilt is one of the most precise quilts I have seen. Its machine quilted with an "echo" pattern, about 1/4 th inch from the seams.
This quilt is one of my favorites. The fabric was contributed from lots of sources as you can see. The colors all seem to work together very well.

This shoulder bag is completely lined and has pockets too. The lady that did this one is an avid flea market visitor, and was too intimidated to do a quilt for her very first "quilting" project. I hope that problem of hers is solved now. This is very well done.

This was so much fun, and so rewarding, I'll do it again in a few weeks...
Next week I'll have the rest of the photos..

1 comment:

Holee said...

They did a fabulous job! I love the one with all the donated fabric. That's what quilts were all about in the first place, using what you had to make one!