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Sunday, June 14, 2009

EVART Woodcarving Roundup

I have been out of town, out of touch, and at times plain out of it; for about a week. I have been participating in the Evart Michigan Woodcarvers Roundup. And rather than post about 100 photos (I only took a few), I'll post this photo of a "cupcake". Looks yummy doesn't it! Well I thought so too, as I walked by it sitting on a table. But it's carved from Basswood. Now this carving just plain interested me. I thought I could learn something from whoever carved this. The carver is a very talented and innovative woodcarving instructor named Lou Anne Stearns, from Michigan. So, I sat and carved with her for two days. I didn't carve a cupcake, but I am nearly finished with a walking staff. The staff has a Gnome at the top, and a Gnome Home at the bottom, with vines, leafs, and dogwood flowers in between. I'll post a photo when it is completed. And, I will be carving some cupcakes too.

When I returned and got out of my van, one of the flower girls (Zinnia) came running up and said that while I was gone, they got a message from Gnomey. Well, I asked what it said, and she relied, "he wants some flowers in his front yard". So! maybe we'll get some action in a few days.

I know, I have to be patient. But I am not patient. I want some action and I want it now....


Holee said...

Welcome home! You were missed. Love the cake and can't wait to see your carving.

Kaaren said...

Welcome back, Tom. I'm anxious to see your walking staff.