Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gnomey Needs to go to Day Camp Too

The big dilemma or stated more directly, "what the heck do I do now"? Gnomey has taken a backseat to all the other things in the flower girls life. They haven't noticed the bench/table in Gnomeys front yard. Or at least they haven't said anything. School was over last Friday. On Monday one reported to "Farm Camp", the other to "Invention Camp". These are both day camps. Holy Cow! When do they get summer break? I asked Dahlia if she like the Farm Camp. She said "yes". I next asked if she got to clean up cow poo. Her answer to that was a loud, "euuu, NO, and I WON'T either". So not to slight Zinnia, I asked if she liked the Invention Camp. She said "Oh yes". Then she went on to explain the "rest of the story". She said, "it's not just an invention camp, but the inventions must be made out of recyclable materials, and do we have any interesting recyclable materials. Egads, how did I ever grow up, without farm or inventions camp?

Maybe Gnomey needs to take a vacation. Maybe Gnomey needs to find some kind of day camp to go to. Maybe "Global Warming Camp".


Holee said...

Maybe you need to plant one small container of some low growing ground cover and put some clothes on the line again. Maybe a seesaw would grab their attention?

I don't want them to be busy! Get Gnomey a trash can and put some bottle caps or the rim on the milk bottle or leather shoe lace or something that might interest them for camp. Maybe not...the kids might make fun of them again.

tisme said...

I think Gnomey should go to Toadstool Camp!! And maybe Hat Camp.

Tom H said...

Both good ideas! Thanks