Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Continuing Gnome Saga

Has anyone noticed how I have posted that I will use readers ideas and suggestions, in the continuing Gnome story? Any one remember Tom Sawyers fence painting scam? Well, I do, and that's what I am attempting here. The "Gnome ball" is in my court. I need to have the Gnomes respond to the flower girls notes and present.

I was actually considering a note from the Gnomes requesting that the flower girls get rid of that pesky cat. That they fear for their lives. See, the dad doesn't like the cat anyway, and is allergic to it to boot. The cat has to be outside cause it pees all over everything when in the house.

If I left that note, and it was successful, I'll bet the mail to the Gnomes from the flower girls dad would include at least a $20.

I just can't bring myself to do this. So don't be bashful about leaving a comment with a suggestion.


Holee said...

Now Tom, up until now it's been a wonderful fairy tale...the cat thing would turn it into a grim tale. Can you picture that drawing in a book..the knomes bodies laying on the ground with a foot missing and the cat licking his paw.

Happy knomes and little girls to together.

Tracy said...

Don't you dare do that to Buddy!!!! The sleepy stuff should arrive soon.....write them a note and ask them to make sure his laundry doesn't get bothered when he does his spring cleaning....

Kaaren said...

Tom, I'm surprised that your gnome research didn't reveal that when a red jewel is presented to a gnome as a token of friendship, it becomes magical and renders them invincible, especially to cats and all other intruders who might want to harm them.

Now that the magical red jewel is in their possession, absolutely no harm can come to them. As a matter of fact, when the cat is around the gnomes house, he is actually protecting them.

Think they'll buy it? (wink)

Tom H said...

Kaaren, You're a genious! I'll give it a try. Thanks