Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Quilt Show Photos and a Comment

Here's some more random photos of some of the quilts that were on display at the Lakefarms Quilt Show, in Kirkland, Ohio.
This quilted wall hanging features antique linen hankies.

An interesting Sun Bonnet Sue full size quilt.
This is a close up of a full sized quilt. The squares are about one (1) inch is size.
An interesting and continuing mind set was also noted when I attended the quilt show with my daughter. There was a very large crowd, made up of mostly women. Maybe 100 to one ratio, women to men. And most of these men looked like they would rather be having a root canal than be at a quilt show. There were vendors there, and of course I had to make some purchases. The perception that all things sewing and quilting are in the female domain is alive and well. All conversation about quilts and quilting were always directed toward my daughter and away from me. But my daughter always came to the rescue, with "Oh, I don't quilt, my dad here is the quilter".


Holee said...

So far, I love the last one. Glad your daughter told them what's what!

Chris said...

Great eye candy, Tom, thanks for sharing. I do think the tide is turning, very slowly but turning as it seems more and more men are devoting time to the art of quilting. At least I'm seeing more and more male names as I search the web for beautiful quilts to look at. And they're good!
I bet your daughter is not only proud of her Dad but gets a giggle telling those ladies, "my Dad is the quilter". I know I would be.
My Dad has never touched a needle and thread but he does put his hand to woodworking, a little building a little carving and that makes me proud, too.

Valorie said...

These are beautiful. Have you ever been to the Kutztown Festival quilt show to see the quilts by the Amish and other amazing quilters? Oh my gosh I could spend a week looking at them. They are beautiful.