Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Landscape Makeover For Gnomes House!

Last night at dinner time the flower girls came running over and exclaimed, "You have to come and see the Gnomes house". To that I said, " what's going on"? They said, "come on, you'll see". At that point both girls were way ahead of me. Their mom came out and stuffed a packet in my pocket and said, "Here's the presents the girls left for the Gnomes". I had told her that I needed help to retrieve notes and presents that were left by the girls for the Gnomes. As you can see from the first photo, the girls had been busy "decorating" the Gnomes yard. The white things are small slabs of marble. They made a patio and a picnic area, under a tree. You also notice that there's a golf ball under the clothes line. I asked. "Do Gnomes play golf?" Dahlia, answered, "NO! Gnomes don't play golf". "It's a soccer ball". Dahlia plays on a soccer team, and was on a ice hockey team. At four years old! Maybe I can imagine soccer, but ice hockey. The ice hockey involved swimming pool "noodles" for hockey sticks, and stuffed animals for the puck. I think the main reason Dahlia liked the ice hockey was she could hit people with the "stick" and not get into too much trouble. I am sure she was the teams "enforcer".
When I got home, I opened the package that the girls mom had stuck into my pocket. My conclusion is that these are more "jewels". Maybe the girls want more magic.......like the magical transformation of their big gray cat. Believe it or not, they are quite happy with their cats new role, as protector of Gnomes. By the way, the cats name is sometimes "Boo" and sometimes "Buddy".


Holee said...

You need to wire those flower beads..small one inside the flower ones and stick them in the ground around the house ... the magic could be to keep the summer bugs away..provided by the girls.

lani said...

Tom how sweet those youngins they keep us alive and happy.....Lucky you....love u

Chris said...

Wow, their imaginations are tuned up now, aren't they? What will they think up next? Or maybe I should say, what will you think up next!

BTW, Tom, I googled chip carving. Wow! They really do look like that trapunto quilt.
Thanks, I learned something new today.

Kaaren said...

All jewels become magical when presented to gnomes in friendship and this magic lasts forever so they only need to receive them once. (Get the drift here Tom? I'm sure you don't want truckloads of jewels to deal with).

Green signifies a lush garden in order to produce enough food to last the gnomes for ever and ever.

Black(I think I can make out a black one in the group)prevents them from rain and snow.

Yellow allows them to go on vacation to sunny, far away places to try to find a wife/husband.

Pink and blue will ensure that their gnomey offspring pink-girl, blue-boy) will be healthy and happy.

You all can add your ideas to any colors I might have missed or change any of the above.

I love this continuing saga of the gnomes.

Tom H said...

Holy Cow Kaaren! You keep this up and I'll have to appoint you head Gnome advisor. Which I may not be far from needing. Keep the ideas flowing....thank you!