Monday, March 2, 2009

More Quilt Pics and a Comment/Question

This first pictured quilt was fantastic. The photo does not do it any justice at all. It looks like a tapestry. It was done in kind of a "water color" technique, with tons of very small pieces. This is a full/king sized quilt.
This one is just a fine example of a beautiful quilt.

This is one of those "stack and wack" / "slice and dice"; put pieces in the bag and "mix and match". Kinda different.
All and all, I'll be returning next year for this show; it was a good one. All except the judgement of the "best of show" quilt. The good things I can say about the "best of show" quilt is that the accuracy of the pieces was good. I'll not say any more about it.
Now, on to a comment and a question. I remember when I was employed and actually worked for a living that I could not wait for the weekend to arrive. Friday night was the much awaited for time. And as I remember the days went by so slow. Fridays seemed always way out there. We even named Wed. as "Hump day", or half way there. Now, however, every other day seems to be Friday. Forget the fact that when one is retired, every day is Friday. What I mean is that the days are just flying by. The older I get the faster time goes by. Is this just me, or do others experience the same thing?


Thearica said...

I can feel where you are coming from. The older I get, the faster the months slip away. here it is march and where did january go?

The quilt show in Hampton had a 1st place quilt for best use of color that I was quiet disappointed with. After the quilt maker pieced her quilt, she changed her mind on some of the colors she had used in certain spots. All she did was cut out the shape and lay it on top of the quilt and ran a quilting line across it to keep it on the quilt! This was done in several spots! And it was awarded 1st place! Best Use of Color I know has nothing to do with craftmanship but hey! what happened to all of the other quilts in the running for this ribbon? I think they should cull them by other merits as well before the final end award. Maybe the judges were asleep when they looked at this quilt and maybe they looked at it from afar...who knows...

Sorry to rant...

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I guess you don't livein Florida - yet!
You see in Florida ever day is Saturday.
And as my friend Barbara says "Everyone eventually ends up in Florida!"

Neabear said...

Some beautiful quilts there. I am still working and the time is flying by. Can't imagine how it will be when I am retired. At this rate don't know when that will happen. Lucky you retiring at 51? You say? Sheesh. I will probably be 60 before I can afford to retire!