Friday, March 20, 2009

Swaps & Exchanges - Progress!

In my quilting efforts there is one swap I am currently participating in. This swap is THE DOLL QUILT SWAP #6. Each person in the swap is given a name of another, for whom you must make a doll quilt and send it to them. Knowing that I am not the most talented quilt maker, I selected a small rag quilt design. I determined the colors that my quilt recipient likes, which is red, and went to work. However, I soon found out that 2 inch squares were not the best choice for a rag quilt; at least not with 1/4 inch open seams. Whether this works is still to be determined. I might end up with a GIANT hot pad.

My current wood carving efforts include carving 14 individual Friendship Cane segments. These are for a mini Friendship Cane exchange that I organized on the WOODCARVING ILLUSTRATED magazines forum/board. Each cane segment must be carved from a blank of wood no larger then 3/4inch x 3/4 inch x 2 inches. This is a great way for wood carvers to share their carvings with other carvers. And the "cane" is a great way to exhibit the carvings. I am doing a mix of carvings for this exchange.


Holee said...

The quiltie looks good to me. Just wash it so the seams fray, add a few buttons here and there and it will be beautiful! Of course, anything in red suits me and I wouldn't be able to find fault with it.

Just got a thought. You could add a few tiny bows here and there and call your quilt..Buttons & Bows! How perfect is that :)

Sandy said...

Love the carvings...what talent!