Thursday, March 19, 2009

Conversations With The Flower Girls

The girls did find and read the latest mail from their Gnome friends. After excited pronouncements of recieving the mail this was the essence of their conversation with me.

"I hope the magic jewel protects them from the coyotes too."
"Tom can you make a Gnome hat?" "They need an extra hat" "They need a hat with a string to tie it on so when they run it won't blow off"
"I wrote about the Gnomes at school today"
"I wonder when we'll get some girl Gnomes"?
"I am making a scrapbook with all the gnome letters in it"

I told them that yes the "red Jewel" will protect the Gnomes from the coyotes.
That I would research about Gnome hats and see if I can make one with a string to tie it on. (Zinnia said she wanted to give it to Gnomey as a present)
I wonder what Zinnias teacher will be thinking.
I told the girls that this summer when it gets warmer that maybe the Gnomes will leave for a while to travel and find some brides. (settin it up for when I go on vacation).
Dahlia said, "I hope they get married.....that means baby Gnomes!


Soukies said...

So cute! I bet the teacher thinks they have a wild imagination! I also am guessing that the teacher will ask their mom about it the next time she sees her lol!

Not Lucy said...

You have your work cut out for you!

Holee said...

When you are on vacation you'll have to look for doll house stuff, like a baby carriage to sit outside the door!

I bet you had no idea that you would have to start raising a whole family when you put up the knome

elsie123 said...

What a treasure you're giving these girls! And as a by-product, a present to yourself as well!

Chris said...

Oh my, you've really started something. Now you'll need to make even tinier "baby" gnomes and gnomes with dresses. Maybe your gnomes should have names, too.
I bet the flower girl's schoolmates will be intriqued by their stories, too. These darlings may grow up to be very creative writers. You never know what all this may lead to.

Neabear said...

Oh my goodness. This is getting even better.