Monday, March 2, 2009

Mini Quilt In A Bag - Swap (Charm Pack)

I better "splain" this one. This is a little quilt that I received as a result of my participation in a swap. It work like this: Interested folks sign up, and are paired up with someone. You send a Charm Pack to your swap partner, and your swap partner sends you a Charm Pack. You use your swap partners fabric from the Charm Pack they sent, to make a quilt. And of course your Swap partner does the same with the Charm Pack that you sent to them. Finally you send the quilts to each other. It's more fun to do than try to "splain". This is the 24 inch x 24 inch quilt that my swap partner made for me from the Charm Pack that I send her. And I would be very remiss if I failed to mention her name. OK I'm remiss! But! check out her blog:

This is a wonderful little quilt, and will be right at home here, with my other little quilts from other swaps.