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Friday, March 20, 2009

Wash Day At The Gnomes House

My daughter made and sent the little mini quilt and a set of Gnome pajamas. This morning, at the first light, before the flower girls got up I "hung the wash out to dry", and left the pictured note.

I have had some conversations with the flower girls mom, and she relayed to me, that the Zinnia and Dahlia are really still made at their cat for chasing the Gnome. Just when I think they are catching on, something like this "pops" up. I guess I'll take one of your suggestions and some how tell the girls that the Red Jewel's magic has made the cat protect the Gnomes. Any way, the adventure continues.


Kaaren said...

Tom, this is so cool! The gnome's wash and quilt on the line. You have to do all the work while we get to sit back and watch the show.

This is the best story going. I live for updates.

Pass the popcorn please.

Holee said...

Of wow, how darling and great for Tracy to get in on this from so far away!

Funny how kids see things. My guys stopped believing in Santa, but Easter Bunny lived on for a few extra years. Then one day they told me he isn't real because rabbits don't lay eggs so why would a rabbit be giving eggs. Maybe it should be Easter Hen?

Chris said...

That was a great idea about the jewell protection from the cat. Poor cat. lol

Sherry said...

This is so cute.

You should rake a clear path leading out of the door...maybe get a tiny doll and leave some footprints.

Sherry said...

Oh, don't forget to show the footprints returning to the house too.

Soukies said...

I love it! I really love reading your updates and seeing the pictures! It makes me feel like I am there!

Tom H said...

Sherry, Oh! they have already noticed that there arn't any foot prints. I told them that Gnomes usually don't leave any foot prints, but when they do they look like bird footprints.