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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All In A Days Work!

This is a shot of my workbench. My very messy and full workbench. I have five Noah's Arks that need 18 to 24 pairs of animals carved and painted.
These photos are of some of the Arks and animals that are nearly done. I must have two Arks and the accompanying pairs of animals ready for a show and sale on April 18/19. I'll be trying something different this year. I have several more Arks that are done, and ready to play with or display. Plus I have 18 pairs of animals cut out and ready to carve. I'll be trying to peddle these as kits. Just have to determine what to charge now.

This last photo is an oddity. As I opened the front door to get the mail out at the mailbox, these two wild turkeys were walking across the front yard. Thirty seven years ago, when we moved here it was out in the country. But not any more. We have tons of deer, birds, coyotes, hawks, skunks, raccoons, Canada geese, ducks, snakes, but these are the first wild turkeys that I have seen near our house.


lani said...

Let us be honest Tommy you know you are a one man wild turkey.........i love your carving you are blessed with a great amount of U

Neabear said...

Fun to see your works in progress. Awesome!

Janet said...

I can't get over the animals and the arks, I love them and I have a 3 year old GD who played with some plastic animals I gave her for 6 hours. Imagine how much joy she would get from your beautiful work.
Someone is going to love them.