Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, Gnomes!

Lots of activity around the place this morning. While fixin my breakfast at the crack of dawn, I heard much squealing, laughter, and other fun sounds from the neighbors back yard. Seems the flower girls could not wait any longer to look for Easter eggs. Lots of sneakin had gone on, and was still goin on to pull things off. Seems the girls mom got up early (4 AM) to hid the eggs in the back yard. She also placed two chocolate bunnies buy the Gnomes door, for the girls. When the girls got up and went out to look for the eggs the first thing they did was place this Easter egg at the Gnomes door.
I'll sneak over and place this note in the mailbox this afternoon.


Soukies said...

So cute! I really wish I could see the look on their faces! So sweet! Happy Easter!

Holee said...

Looks like not only Dad is a Gnomey helper, but Mom too! How cute they remembered to give the Gnomes an Easter egg.