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Friday, April 3, 2009

Zinnia Gives Gnomey Her Family Photo

Yesterday afternoon, the flower girls dad rang our door bell. He had a little plastic bag with this note and some photos in it, from the girls. He said that Zinnia had written the note after she went to bed the night before, when she was supposed to be asleep. And, she had him make copies of two photos, yesterday morning. One photo was of the girls together, and the other photo was of the girls and their mom and dad. Zinnia put the note and the photos in the Gnomes mailbox, before they all left for the day. The dad had sneaked out and retrieved the stuff so that the girls would think that the Gnomes had taken it in. Now I don't know if dad is getting swept up in all the excitement or if he just wants to make sure I am not "sleeping at the switch". I asked him if the girls really do believe. His answer, "Oh yeah, that's all they're talking about and they check the Gnomes mailbox all the time". "The ball is in my, err the Gnomes court now".


Holee said...

When a Dad is asked to help by his girls, he's into it up to his neck!

Chris said...

Oh my, this could eventually include the whole town at this rate. You may have really started something big, here, Tom. You might need to hire some gnomey assistants.