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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Near Disaster For The Big Gray Cat!

Several day ago the flower girls dad was making some repairs to their deck. Remember, the Gnomes live under the deck, (at least that's where their door is). The girls dad was installing some wire caging materials around the base of the deck to keep skunks from getting access and taking up housekeeping. He also took the opportunity to replace a deck board. Some time during the process the big gray cat must have crawled under the opened deck unnoticed. Dad kept on working and sealed up the deck. Soon there after he heard the cat and determined what had happened. Now dad don't really like the cat, and the cat don't really like dad. I suppose a comment might had been made by dad, that the cat would just have to stay there because dad was not going to tear up the deck to get him out. And I suppose that's what might have started the girls crying.

The photo is of the note that Gnomey wrote. The note will be in the mailbox as soon as it can be slipped in unnoticed.


Kaaren said...

So did the dad let the cat out? I sure hope so.

Tom H said...

Nope! Mom finally got the cat to come out through an existing hole at the other end of the deck. I think a can of tuna fish might have been involved.

Neabear said...

Boy, life is full of surprises over at your place!