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Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Gotta Go Make The Donuts"

Anyone remember this commercial. Donut maker (DUNKIN DONUTS?) always makin the donuts. He mumbles to himself "gotta go make the donuts" as he goes to work every day. The idea was that donuts are always fresh baked. Then one morning as the donut maker is leaving home to go make the donuts, he runs into himself coming home from making the donuts.

This is exactly how I feel right now. Got way too much goin on. Just keeping up with the great Gnome adventure is getting more and more involved. I already missed a posting opportunity this afternoon. I had another message done and delivered, before I remembered to photograph it.

The "jist" of the message from Gnomey was for the flower girls to plant some seeds in some small flower pots that Gnomey provided.

In addition to the Great Gnome adventure, I am trying to prepare for two carving shows that are rapidly approaching, start and finish some doll quilts for some swaps, teach the beginner quilting class at the senior center, and finish carving 14 friendship cane segments. Yesh! is that all? I need to stop whining.


Kaaren said...

Gee, Tom. What do you do in your spare time? I bet you weren't this busy when you had your regular job...before retirement, i.e.

Just remember, it's the busy people who get the jobs done. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Holee said...

Just how do we get a to-do list when we are retired? My list looks a lot like yours right now. I'm beginning to feel the pressure too.

You forgot to add the quilting class to your list. By the way, how did that go?

I also have the doll quilt and log quilt like you do and now I just started the second round swap on HGTV. I've told myself to allow July & August with free time since they are the only 2 months of summer here.

Chris said...

Hum, well maybe you should leave a note from gnomey to the flower girls explaining they had to take a trip to visit their grammy and grampy in Ireland (whom they haven't seen in about 120 years) for a couple of weeks so you can have enough time for your shows. You dont want to stress over this, it's supposed to be fun for you, too.

Tom H said...

I think a lot of us thrive on stress, the self induced kind. And all the activities that we find ourselves involved in are fun. Maybe I find whineing fun too. The first quilting class went well. Nearly all participants had at least tried to make a quilt sometime in their life, but "failed" to finish.

Tom H said...

Chris, Funny you should mention a vacation for Gnomey. That's exactly what the girls mother told me. She said that if this adventure gets too much for me, to let her know, and she'll begin to prepare the girls for the fact that Gnomey had to go visit his family....